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The Revo Story

Revo Technologies Ltd is a privately owned designer and manufacturer of award-winning digital radio products for the DAB, DAB+, HD and internet radio platforms.

Revo products are distributed in major markets around the world including the UK, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Norway, Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, India, Singapore and Austria.

We have our headquarters in custom-built premises in the historic market town of Lanark, in rural central Scotland. Lanark is best known as the home of the late, great World Rally Champion Colin McRae, William Wallace (Braveheart) and Border Biscuits (our neighbours across the road - if you haven't tried their biscuits, you really should).

View from Revo head quarters

At Revo Technologies our mission is very simple, we aim to build the world's most exciting, innovative and stylish digital radios.

Design and Manufacture

At Revo we place a high degree of importance on the look, feel and ease of use of our radios.

We use the best of available materials and components, pay considerable attention to audio quality (employing the services of specialist acoustic engineers) and use the best of British design talent for our industrial design.

Simply put, we go that extra mile to produce radios that exceed expectations. Our aim is to produce a product that crosses over from being a humble piece of electronics... to something that enriches your day to day life.

Revo radios are assembled in Asia by specialist manufacturing partners to ensure the best possible quality and reliability.

Revo concepts and internal diagrams

Our Technology Partners

We are lucky enough to work with some of the leading technology providers and innovators in the world.

Our DAB, internet radio and HD radio modules are supplied by industry leaders Frontier Silicon, Reciva and iBiquity. Revo is also an approved Apple ‘Made for iPod’ scheme member.

Revo partners

In the beginning...

Work on the first Revo digital radio product, the Revo In-Car DAB System, commenced in March 2004. The device, the first of its kind, was launched in the UK during December 2004 to acclaim from the public, industry and media alike.

In May 2005 the Revo In-Car DAB System was awarded the prestigious 'Accessory of the Year' title at the annual Auto Express Product Honors Awards.

The Auto Express Award for Accessory of the Year recognises "the most significant new product in the world of car accessories." In awarding the accolade to the Revo In-Car DAB System, Auto Express said "It's a brilliant solution, and one that opens up new possibilities for in-car entertainment."

Revo In-car wins Auto Express Award for Accessory of the year

Revo: Chapter 2

Development work our first domestic DAB radio products (UNO and PICO) began in mid-2005, and both products were launched into the busy Christmas market in late 2006.

Due to stock shortages, UNO and PICO were initially only available in Norway and Switzerland.  Their UK launch didn’t occur until March 2007, when John Lewis became our first national retailer.

Uno and Pico make their debuts

Revo: Chapter 3

2007 was a really busy year for Revo, with the official UK launch of UNO, PICO and PICO+, the release of PICO Wi-Fi in August (our first internet radio), and the announcement of our new BLIK and MONDO ranges.

Our BLIK RadioStation model was particularly note-worthy, since it was a world first on two counts.  It was the first ‘hybrid’ DAB, Internet and FM radio to hit the shelves, as well as the first commercially available digital radio capable of receiving DAB+ signals.

Blik RadioStation and Mondo Wi-Fi

Revo: The Future

At Revo we are a small company with big plans. 2008 is likely to be a very busy year, we hope you can join us for the ride.


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